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The Best iPhone and Android Apps of 2018

Published 2dny ago -

Between the iPhone XS, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Google Pixel 3, our smartphones have gotten better than ever. But great hardware means almost nothing without great software to take advantage of those high-performance processors, brilliant displays and inc... More »

The Best Gadgets of 2018

Published 2dny ago -

From high-tech tablets to powerful new cameras, it’s never been a better time to be a gadget fan. Here are some of our favorite gizmos of the year, including a gaming controller for disabled players and a hair styler that promises to do less damage to your d... More »

These Are the 25 Worst Passwords of 2018

Published 3dny ago -

Everyone knows that internet security is important and the first line of defense is a strong password, but when every single website, online store, and app requires a password sometimes people get a little lazy. After all, who is going to hack the account you ... More »