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When Love and the Algorithm Don’t Mix

Published 2týdny ago -

When I met my husband, who happens to be white, he told me that he was always seeing women with blonde hair on Tinder and he’s not really into blondes. No matter how many times he had swiped left on blondes, the algorithms were always recommending them to hi... More »

Looking for Love? Let the Market Decide

Published 2týdny ago -

There are 103 people betting on whether Austin Chen and Rachel Weinberg will still be married in five years time. The aggregation of their bets puts the probability at 92%. The couple are more bullish—Chen puts the probability as high as 98%. As is customar... More »

Silicon Valley Has a Harvard Problem

Published 2týdny ago -

In 1976, Frank Collin, an ambitious leader in the small but resilient Nazi party of the United States, planned a march in Skokie, Illinois—an attempt to raise the profile of his organization and build support for his cause. The town, many of whose residents ... More »